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Motorola APX 6000/7000/8000 Radio Holster

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  • Solid fixed retention
  • Front protection of the volume knob against unintentional adjustment
  • Compact design compatible with radio earpiece attachments
  • Top elastic cord to further secure the radio via the channel knob
  • Ride-height adjustment - 2 positions for the Malice Loops and 4 positions for the Hinge Belt Loop
  • Smoothed edges for comfort
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Crafted several years ago in partnership with local police agencies, the C.B. Kydex Motorola radio holster was designed to address a major issue with these radios in the field: the exposed volume knob is often rubbed or bumped out of position, causing either a very low whisper or an ear-blasting transmission. Having been a police officer, I know firsthand how vital radio communications are for doing the job safely and effectively. 
This holster protects the volume knob from accidental adjustments, helping to keep your radio volume as you set it for the entire shift.

It fits the Motorola APX6000, APX7000, and APX8000 radios, either with the flush Motorola battery or the extended (not taller) Motorola battery, and is made from extra-thick 0.093" material, so it will withstand the abuses of the job for years to come. The holster is is waterproof and is easily washable by hand. 

Attachment Options:

  • Malice Loops (2) = for up to 2-1/4" duty belt or MOLLE field
  • Hinge Belt Loop = fits up to 2-1/4" belt, locks closed
  • Both Attachments

While only available in black at this time, colors are available for orders over 4 holsters. Contact us for further details.

*Dimensions = 3.50" W x 6.25" H x (up to) 2.25" D      

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