About us

To the first-time visitor, thank you for coming to see what we're all about. To our faithful customers, thank you so much for your contribution to our passion and hobby. Our mission has always been to provide exceptional service an quality gear that will serve you for many years. 

My name is Cory Bolin, the founder of C.B. Kydex Holsters. We started handmaking custom Kydex gun holsters, gear, and accessories in 2012, in a small workshop in Tucson, Arizona. This endeavor began with motivation to address the long turn-around times and functional issues common in many other gun holster options available at the time. We found that you most often had to choose between affordability and solid design features. In our effort to remedy this, we took pride in delivering tailored holster solutions to our customers at affordable prices with very short wait times – sometimes even the same or next day!

We are ultimately still here today because of our desire to listen to and meet the needs of our wonderful customers. Over the years we have produced thousands of Kydex holsters for hundreds of gun enthusiasts around the country. We have also made holsters for a variety of law enforcement agencies and technology companies. Today, we are continuing to strive to meet higher expectations from this community. 

What now...?

We have since moved and currently operate out of beautiful Belgrade, Montana, near Bozeman. After many years of continued refinement, ingenuity, and practical approaches to solutions, we have applied those years of experience to developing a new and revitalized line of products. These holsters will display sleek and consistent features across a wide variety of firearm models. The new Scout holster provides maximum concealment for everyday carry inside-the-waistband (IWB). The new Sportsman holster offers several outside-the-waistband (OWB) attachment options for a wide array of applications and preferences.

We have also developed a new streamlined website interface to better serve our faithful customers and first-time visitors. This will be a year of huge development for us, as we resume our endeavor to deliver you with the exceptional quality and value that you deserve to expect.

If you are a retailer or agency looking to supply either these products or an idea of your own, please send us a message through the Contact page. We would be thrilled to meet you and discuss your needs.