Wingman Pistol Magazine Holster

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The Wingman pistol magazine holsters are simple to use, minimal in size, and offer widely adjustable retention for that perfect fit for multiple magazines within the same size range.

The pistol magazine holsters use injection molded clips for a fast and rugged attachment of belts of up to 1.75" width (snugly). This holster allows magazine insertion in either direction, and OWB or IWB carry anywhere on the belt.


  • Type #1 = 9mm/.40 Double Stack
    • Fits any double stack 9mm or .40 S&W magazine, from Glock all the way down to thinner XD magazines
  • Type #2 = Subcompact 9mm/.40 Staggered
    • Glock 43
    • M&P Shield 9mm/.40
  • More to come...